A Child’s Growth Spurt Might Lead to Having a Sweet Tooth

Cookies. Candy. Cupcakes. Childhood was filled with yummy desserts and goodies. New research suggests that children’s growing bones could be the reason they crave sweet treats.

In the study, children growing at a rapid rate had more of a sweet tooth than those developing at a slower pace. Researchers say that the findings are preliminary but may offer some insight into the fight against childhood obesity.

So how can you satisfy your little one’s sweet tooth? Fruit is a great option. It’s good for kids and has few calories but contains natural sugar. If your child doesn’t like eating whole fruit, consider making a smoothie, buying dried fruit, or chopping up fruit to put on toast or cereal. Other choices include using fruit spread on whole-grain bread or crackers or topping veggies with a sweet sauce or fruit-flavored vinaigrette.

If your child resists any of these new alternatives, keep trying. Experts say children often have to be offered a new food up to 15 times before they will try it.

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